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Ginger is a knowledgeable, contemporary & creative software studio based in Scotland

Our Services

Mobile and Web Apps

We develop engaging custom apps for web, iOS and Android devices. We are API and database experts who understand that what's behind the app is as important as the design.

Beautiful Design

We firmly believe that a beautiful design can lead to better loyalty and ultimately sales for your brand. Why make it ugly, when we can make it beautiful.

APIs and platforms

We build automated deployments and scalable cloud APIs. Our AWS certified engineers will make sure your app never fails because of bad planning.

Perfect Mobile

The expectation of users changes every year, we help keep your app current and on-trend with modern design and delightful touches.

Test Automation

Modern apps are constantly updated as trends and needs change. We write full test automation into our process to allow fast upgrades without worrying about regression.

Quality Support

We are responsive and agile. We don’t mind working till the sma’ hours on something that we care about. Design is for life not just for Christmas.

Our Team

Picture of the Mark Caulfield
Mark Caulfield
Mark has extensive applied knowledge and experience of leading the architecture of solutions, ensuring proper governance and application of best practices using emerging standards. He is an automation obsessive, loves CI, CD and delivering on time and above expectation
Picture of the Zoë Russell
Zoë Russell
Scrum Master
Zoë is our project coordinator and Certified Scrum Master. She works closely with clients to implement the Scrum framework and makes sure they are kept up-to-date on progress. Zoë is focused on helping our team work in a transparent way, with emphasis on honesty and openness.
Picture of the Gary Muir
Gary Muir
Full Stack Developer
Gary has a passion for using the latest technologies to solve user problems and is adept at learning new languages and frameworks. He utilises scrum and a commitment to CI/CD to deliver software consistently and efficiently. When not coding, Gary enjoys hanging out with dogs.
Picture of the Mhairi McGinley
Mhairi McGinley
UX Designer
Mhairi is our UX designer. Whilst working with clients to interpret and implement their design briefs, Mhairi likes to work closely with developers to gain new ideas and share methodologies. She loves anything creative and always designs with accessibility in mind.
Picture of the Alex Munro
Alex Munro
Intern Developer
Alex recently joined us as an intern from St Andrews University where she’s currently studying physics. Alex will be helping out with content creation and software development. Outside of work she loves learning and has a keen interest in particle physics.
Picture of the Moose
Full Snack Canine
Moose is a Working Cocker Spaniel with excellent skills in snoozing, mooching and spreading brown hair round the office. She particularly likes eating gravy bones and carrots, long walks in the woods and making an appearance at Zoom meetings.

Recent Clients

Willis Welby
Fintech Platform
Picture of the Willis Welby
We fully re-engineered the Willis Welby financial platform. The API was re-implemented in node using scaleable AWS lambda services to allow for the increased growth Willis Welby expected. A new web site and authentication system were created to strengthen security, and the business logic was seperated into npm modules to they could be versioned and updated easily.
Web app
Peace One Day
Social Network
Picture of the Peace One Day
Peace One Day is a charity that help promote world peace day. They built a social network app that allows citizens to measure their impact on the world. Ginger built the back end of the app, the web admin system, social media landing pages and sharing functionality.
Web app
Picture of the Phlo
Phlo is an online Pharmacy providing secure, real-time, same-day prescription delivery in London and next-day pharmacy delivery across England. We helped build the customer facing app and the admin app for Phlo pharmacists, and the integration with their delivery partner. Ginger also provided Scrum coaching to the Phlo team.
Agile coaching
Web app
Picture of the Swift
Scottish Natural Heritage needed a solution for ecological monitoring. We built a mobile app with offline mapping, an API to integrate with the SNH back end, and a client app. The app collected image, video and geolocation data for completing site inspection and monitoring activities throughout Scotland. Ginger provided the full solution, API, design, implementation and integration with enterprise platform.
Enterprise integration
Mobile app
National Pension Company
Mobile App
Picture of the National Pension Company
Ginger were subcontracted to design and develop an Android and iOS mobile app for one of the UKs largest pensions provider. Our UX team worked closely with their design standards team to produce a modern app with industry leading functionality. We automated their entire development pipeline, implementing CI/CD and with full front end integration testing.
Agile coaching
Web app
Web Site
Picture of the Positivly
Positivly provide custom portfolio and product recommendations to their clients. We built a responsive web app which enables the creation of a customer profile generated through answering a series of questions, presented in a modern UI interface.
Web app